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We remove household pests in Dorset

Our definition of pest control may differ from others or from the textbook definitive but for us it is; A level of control mutually agreed and achieved with the minimal level of chemical or physical input that exceeds the desired result and surpasses expectation. ‘It’s all about control `

General pest control service to meet Environmental health regulations for commercial premises.

We service all clients including commercial and private premises and offer commercial contracts supported by monthly reports for EHO. Some examples are Pubs, Restaurants, shops, food premises, factories, Farms, schools, blocks of flats, apartment complexes, hotels and offices and of course general public houses.

We Can Remove for you:
  • Rats
  • Wasps
  • Mice
  • Fleas
  • Moles
  • Flies
  • Ants
  • Rabbits
  • Mice
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Our Pest Control Solutions

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Mice and Rat Removal

Mice control can become an issue very quickly often only bought to a properties attention when damage is well underway, therefore mice removal or rodent removal should be dealt with promptly to minimise damage and other dangers that gnawed pipes and electrical wires can pose.

Probably everyone’s least favourite visitor in any number are rats however rat control or rodent control is simply essential in many circumstances due to disease and destruction they can easily cause. Rat removal is a common practise and we have the experience and training to deal with this effectively and quickly

Wasp Nest Removal

To remove wasp nest often becomes a priority call out and needs a prompt response and treatment to destroy wasp nest quickly.

We are trained and experienced and with the wasp nest removed we can quickly resolve the problem.

Garden Mole Removal

Mole control can be about much more than a manicured lawn being torn up or damage and destruction to public places and sports facilities. Mole removal may also be necessary to restrict damage to farm machinery and crop and habitat devastation.

Flea Removal

Flea removal can be quick and effective and the key to success here is flea control where consideration of how and where the infestation happened and control measures to prevent future infestations.

Rabbits Removal

Rabbit control is a necessity in many areas and especially on farmed land due to the destruction and not least the diminishing harvest yields they can easily cause. Rabbit removal can take many forms from simple proofing and fencing to more direct approaches.

Cluster Flies Removal

Many different issues can arise from flies of different species and commercial properties generally have different problems to householders where far and away the most common is cluster fly removal.

Removal Of Hazardous Animal Waste

Hazardous cleaning of animal waste is sometimes a necessity after an infestation such as rats or birds etc where their deposits can cause extreme health problems and bar other trades people from entering an area where they have existed.

Occasionally household cleaning after tenants’ squatters is necessary.

Ant and Spider Removal

Spiders are generally harmless and most of us tolerate there unnerving looks and accept that they do co-exist and actually do some good work but if you are totally unconvinced and simply cannot co habitat we do have professional solutions to at least discourage them from living in your property humanely .

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